Chocolate Chip Drops(v), Spice Drops (Ginger Molasses) (v), Cocoa-Nut Drops(v), Lemon-Raspberry Drops (v), and Raspberry Jam Bars (v)

Seasonal Flavors: California Sugar Cookies, Oatmeal Raisin (v), Mocha Crinkles, Black Salt Fudge Cookies

No gluten or dairy. All are nut-free except for the Cocoa-Nut. Flavors with a (v) are vegan. Jam bars are also grain-free.

By the Bag: (most flavors have 5 or 6 cookies per bag), $5
By the (small) Box:   (15 cookies, assorted), $15
By the (large) Box:    (2 dozen assorted), $22.50 (please indicate whether you need all vegan or nut-free)