Frequently Asked Questions
Who is Miss Teaberry?
Miss Teaberry is inspired by one of our favorite children's books, Mr. Putter and Tabby. It's a children's book series about an elderly man and his cat and the adventures they take; just because you're old and have creaky knees doesn't mean that you have to stop learning and having fun! Mr. Putter has a very sweet neighbor, Mrs. Teaberry, and she loves to bake and cook and bring him treats when she's made too much (they're seriously the sweetest books). When we were reading these to my younger sister we all decided that Rhanna is a younger Mrs. Teaberry and hence we came up with Miss Teaberry. A lot of our ideas and inspiration come from children's books and shows; they're some of our favorite ways to take in stories.

Do you ship?
Yes, Prince Harry and Megan Markle are meant for each other, and we couldn't be happier for them.
Oh you meant mailing, didn't you?
We would love to ship, since we know so many people all over the place who we would love to supply with treats, but unfortunately our license doesn't allow us to ship. We can serve anyone who lives (or comes into) SLO county but we're not allowed to ship outside of county lines. We make free deliveries to Los Osos, Morro Bay, and SLO.

Is everything gluten-free?
Yes, we are a DEDICATED gluten-free home. Both Kelli and Rhanna have celiac disease and we have been gluten-free for over 10 years. We are very sensitive to gluten and so we are very careful to stay VERY far away from it (gluten is eviiillll). We don't have any official certification except the look of fear in our eyes when a loaf of french bread floats by.   

Do you make anything that's Vegan/Paleo?
We do! We have quite a few vegan options. Rhanna is partially vegan because she is very much intolerant of dairy, eggs and honey. So a lot of the cookies are vegan because Rhanna likes to eat cookies just as much as you do, and a lot of time and research has gone into making Rhanna friendly/vegan options. Most of our cookies are pretty darn paleo (we do use organic cane sugar, so for the sake of being true to the paleo diet definition we've refrained from labeling our treats paleo because of the sugars we use, which aren't technically compliant). Most of our cookie options are completely grain-free. Each batch of cookies is made with the active awareness of cross-contamination so we're very careful to make sure everything stays separate and cleaned in between each batch to make sure there's no contamination of eggs/grains/nuts.  

Are your cookies sugar-free?
No, we do use organic cane sugar, alongside organic coconut sugar and maple syrup as our sweeteners. We have had lots of conversations and discussions about whether or not to use the cane sugar. We've decided to use it, instead of other sugar substitutes, because our goal is to make treats that look and taste like what you grew up with and that's simply not possible without the sugar. While we do agree that eating large quantities of sugar is not healthy, it is also psychologically unhealthy to feel that you're never able to have a small treat when you've had a long day or it's your birthday, or you want to celebrate an anniversary. Our emotional and mental health is just as important as our physical health and feeling constantly left out of celebrations is so hurtful and frustrating, it can make the process of healing and being gentle with yourself so much harder. Being able to have a small taste of something that tastes like "the good ole' days" without having immediate or long term effects can be one of the best ways to start feeling like a normal person again. And that feeling is very important to us. We want everyone to be happy and feel special, no matter what allergies, intolerances, or diseases you have.    

Do you have an AIP options?
We do have some delicious AIP treats that we ADORE, but by their nature, AIP foods have a very short shelf life. We're hoping to get to a point soon where we'll be able to have those options easily available, since the AIP diet is something that is personally very important to us. Think of the AIP options like a secret menu for now.

How long do the cookies last?
The cookies will last for a week on the counter but you can freeze them after you've bought from us and they'll still be good for 2-3 weeks in the freezer (Though why would you want to leave them in for that long?!)

How should I store them?
In your belly. You can also freeze them if you don't plan on eating them within a week. They defrost very nicely if you just let them come to room temp on the counter, or you can lightly heat them in a toaster oven to get a nice crunch.

Why are they SOO small?
Because what's cuter than mini desserts? So many dessert options out there today are just waayy too big. Cookies don't need to be as big as a small child's (adorable) head. Eating so much sugar and carbs in one sitting isn't healthy or necessary. "Everything in moderation…including moderation," as Julia Child says (woo Julia Child! <3) When you have food sensitivities or diabetes, eating dessert in small portions can be the best option for treating yourself without pain later. We can always provide you with all the nutritional information for individual servings so you can be fully informed on what you're eating and be able to enjoy your dessert, knowing that you're not going to spike your blood sugar or overload on carbs.

Where can I get these delicious and delectable drops of delight?
Right now the best way to order is to email us at or direct message us on social media. We did have an order form, but enjoy the more personalized attention we can give you if you contact us directly. Our cookies are also available at The Wellness Kitchen in Templeton, and daily at Goddess Goods in Morro Bay as well as Shine Cafe in Morro Bay. We deliver fresh breakfast goodies to Goddess Goods every morning! We're on Facebook "Miss Teaberry's Baked Goods" and Instagram @missteaberry.

Will you cater my wedding?!
While it is our goal to serve and bring as MUCH happiness to as many as people as we can, we are currently working out of a home kitchen and catering such large events is almost impossible with the small space we have to use. So for the moment we're sadly holding back on catering LARGE events that would require lots of fancy desserts that don't like traveling in the adorable Teaberry Fiat. We do bake treats for smaller parties quite frequently! Our treats are perfect for brithdays, anniversaries, baby showers, and family reunions. :)

I need cookies tomorrow at 8am - I'll pick them up?
First off, despite the fact that she is a baker, Rhanna is not a traditional baker who enjoys rising with the sun. It is a rare day for her to be a functional adult human by 8am, although somehow she does manage to get fresh desserts delivered to Goddess Goods by 6am most days. ;)
We ask you give us at least 48 hours notice for orders so we have time to get your treats baked and packaged properly.

Where's your storefront?
At the moment, it's only very vividly imagined in our minds and on our Pinterest board. If anyone out there would like to write us a giant check so we can get ourselves a beautiful storefront here on the central coast to turn into the gluten-free patisserie of our dreams, you can reach us at and we will supply you with a lifetime of all the desserts you could ever wish for. (just putting that out there, lol!)