Sweet Halos, Almost Too Good to Be True!
Gluten-Free, Vegan, and FULL of flavor!

Black currant donut topped with an elderflower glaze and a sprinkling of scottish heather

Chai spice-flavored donut with a coffee glaze and coffee sprinkles. We use water-processed, organic, fairtrade decaf coffee, so there's no caffeine!
Chocolate donut with chocolate glaze, adorned with rose petals
Coconut donut with coconut glaze, toasted coconut, and pink cornflowers
Lemon donut with lemon glaze and a confetti of lavender and blue cornflowers

Maple donut with maple glaze and blue cornflowers

Seasonal Flavors: Orange Blossom & Tropical Orchid, Black Currant & Elderflower, Caramel Apple, and Mexican Hot Chocolate