As home deliveries of assortments have become more popular in recent months, we've put together some medleys of our baked goods we think you'll really enjoy.
All of our baked goods freeze really well, so you can just pop them in your freezer and then have them handy whenever you get a craving!
Halos thaw perfectly on the countertop in about an hour, or you can leave out overnight for a ready-to-go breakfast treat.
Scones and breads benefit from a re-heating in the'll feel like you're eating freshly-baked!

Chocolate Loverís Box (5 chocolate halos, 3 chocolate scones, 4 chocolate zucchini loaves)

Fruit Bearís Box (3 lemon lavender halos, 4 mini raspberry jam bars, 3 lemon blueberry scones, 4 lemon raspberry loaves)

Comforting Classics Box (3 carrot cake halos, 2 vanilla/chocolate halos, 3 cranberry orange scones, 12 oatmeal raisin cookies)

Bagels! (4 plain, 4 cinnamon raisin, 4 chocolate)
Our bagels are still gluten-free and vegan, and have been a well-kept secret of ours for quite a while.
If it's been a while since you've enjoyed a bagel, prepare to be shocked, amazed and delighted!

Pandoraís Box (A dozen delicious surprise treats for the adventurous; you wonít know what youíre getting until it arrives!)
(it won't be watercolor droplets, but it will be fun!)

 Ordering and Pricing Details:

DM (Insta/FB), email or carrier pigeon us* with your order
Your goodies will be dropped off on your doorstep, or we can arrange a meeting place, easy peasy!

*please no smoke signals; fire season is almost here and we donít need to risk disaster

~All boxes are $40, except the Bagel Box, which is $30

We generally use Venmo and Paypal, but also accept cash and checks. We'll work it out!

 ~ 10% off if you sign up for a bi-weekly subscription! ($36/box, $27 for bagels)
Subscription options are below...deliveries occur once every two weeks, but the automatic payments are divided to be weekly
...let us know if you have questions!

Medley Options

 Delivery: **We need you to place your order at least 48 hours before your delivery; Bagels might possibly need more notice, depending on demand. Thanks for your patience!

Deliveries are free, but tips for fuel are appreciated!